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Author: Arpathea Villas
GoPro – worldwide pioneer American manufacturer
of action cameras- selected ARPATHEA VILLAS as the ideal location 
for photo shooting for its latest campaign of Hero-5 camera.  

Travis Burke, the world famous adventure photographer, known for his work for National Geographic, 
Google, Red Bull etc and his experienced crew, captured numerus photos in ARPATHEA VILLAS’s infinity swimming pools 
with a breathless view background.

First photo was uploaded on Official GoPro’s  Instagram, followed by 11.9 million followers, 
featuring Chelsea Yamase -a Hawaiian free diver, mountaineer, surfer and model
diving into ARPATHEA VILLAS infinity pool, while sun was sinking into the deep blue water of Aegean Sea.  

As Travis Burke quoted on Instagram :
 “The infinity pool was the perfect place to watch the sun disappear over the ocean
and see the stars slowly appear in the night sky

The photo has received up to now more than 350.000 Likes!!